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Our legal resources are available for those who wish to research Cambodian laws and regulations. They will have access whether online, by phone or in person to thelaws, regulations, judgments, legal forms and other services and benefits they need from these legal resources.

Our legal database is updated daily and contains more than 7000 laws and regulations with some regulations dating back to 1920, available in Khmer, and also mostly in English and French.

We are non-profit organization. In contributing to our administrative costs, we provide below services and products to the public:

  • Download of Laws and Regulations from our website
  • Cases Study on International/ National Judgments
  • Legal Compilation
  • Legal Database
  • Legal Forms
  • Legal Research
  • Judgment Search-Precedent Cases
  • Legal Training, Seminar
  • Translation Service

You can contribute to support our activities directly or via membership.

Our Contribution Quotation Fee:

Legal Resources:

Thank you for your interest in our law. Access to the database is currently available for a modest service fee. If you are still interested, please confirm the files you seek, so you may see a quote below:

There are two types of methods for payment as options:

  1. Member Plan (Gold, silver, Platinum):
    The Member Plan method of payment will process with payment online according to member plateform registration: Gold, Silver and Platinum Plan, as described in the table here.

    Type of MembershipContribution FeeNumber of Downloadable FilesValidity PeriodCost/File
    Silver 40$ 10 45 days 4$/File
    Platinum 55$ 15 90 days 3.66$/File
    Gold 100$ 30 180 days 3.33$/File
  2. Add to cart (Number of Files):
    This payment will apply to individual, company and institution without membership registration. He/she needs to pay online or come to office by file counting methods.
    Contribution Fee:

    • 1 or 2 files of law or regulation: USD 10
    • 3 files: USD 15
    • Additional files: USD 5 each

Note: The Laws and Regulations in our database are for public domain; therefore, the fee charged is for the administrative cost only. Should you have any questions or concerns in this relation, please do not hesitate to contact us.