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About Us

The Legal Research and Documentation Department (L.R.D) is one of the three divisions of Darwin Institute for Scientific Research and Development (Darwin). It was structured by Darwin team and volunteers, including legal professionals who deal with a wider range of legal database projects. Darwin​​ is a non-governmental organization, not for profit, neutral, no discrimination against nation, religion, political tendency, not participate in or be a tool of any political activity including not providing any means such as materials, financial support, and human resources in order to support any political party, candidate or any supporter but to perform as an organization, which serves for the public interest, with the aim of collecting all relevant laws and regulations, legal forms, and judgments in Cambodia and compiling these in a database for those who wish to research Cambodian laws and regulations. We aim to ensure that these laws are available in Khmer and English, as well as French in some cases.

Our legal resource is considered to be one of the most comprehensive legal databases in Cambodia with the collection of over 7,000 laws and regulations as well as international agreements. We include all Cambodian laws from the 1920 to the present in our database. We appreciate any comments or ideas that you may have to help us achieve this.